Kitchenaid 5KSM5BER K5 Heavy Duty Mixer, 315 Watt, Red

Kitchenaid 5KSM5BER K5 Heavy Duty Mixer, 315 Watt, Red


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Product Description

It comes as no surprise that the classic KitchenAid K5 Commercial Mixer Red is one of our best selling catering appliances, especially when its exceptional range of features and attachments, including a 4.28Ltr brushed stainless steel bowl, pouring shield, flat beater, dough hook and wire whisk, are taken into consideration. As with every KitchenAid stand mixer, the KitchenAid K5 also features a direct drive motor. This ensures that minimal power is lost between your power supply to the end KitchenAid attachment, leaving the KitchenAid mixer as one of our most efficient, economical, powerful and quiet food mixers. Its cleverly designed internal structure also ensures that any infrequent repair or maintenance work is an effortless task, further ensuring that an investment in a KitchenAid K5 Mixer a decision not to be regretted.


  • Flat beater, Dough hook, Wire whip, 1-piece pouring shield, 4.83L brushed stainless steel bowl with handle and plastic bowl cover
  • The mixer is reliable, long lasting and very quiet with a Direct Drive Powerful Motor, which enables for easy mixing of large batches
  • 10 speed settings with speed from 2800-12100 RPM
  • The 4.83 Litre Capacity Bowl lift design allows for easy access to the bowl and accessories
  • 1-Piece pouring shield to make adding ingredients easy
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