New Chiba %ÀÞÌÞÙ¸«°Ã%Peel S%ÀÞÌÞÙ¸«°Ã%%ÀÞÌÞÙ¸«°Ã% Turning Slicer

New Chiba %ÀÞÌÞÙ¸«°Ã%Peel S%ÀÞÌÞÙ¸«°Ã%%ÀÞÌÞÙ¸«°Ã% Turning Slicer


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Product Description

Product description Crochet width: 120 Replacement part Tamma Taro Peel S Common edge (flat blade) with screw “How to use”Rice dike, carrot etc. are cut into the required dimensions. (To about 12 cm) Daikon Move the plunger close to the material while turning the insertion handle to the right.You can chew as you wish.If you want to make a horn, set up a pinch off adapter for peel S (sold separately) From Amazon “Craze” if it is “Peel S” one reputed as The knife that slides to the left when turning the handle creates a fresh luster that looks like a peeled knife. Recommended for customers wanting more efficient wigs


  • Size: 300 × 240 × height 165 mm
  • Body weight: 1.7 kg Crochement width: 120 mm Maximum diameter: 100 mm
  • Material · Material: Body: Plastic cutter part: Stainless steel
  • Producing country: Japan
  • Crocheted Thickness: Approx. 0.5 mm (state where no thickness adjustment sheet is laid)
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